Christopher Combs

Frontend, Backend, and DevOps Engineer (aka Fullstack)

Hi, I'm a nights and weekends (aka hobbyist/freelance) engineer living in the Tampa Bay area. I love thinking of new app ideas, web design, user interfaces and the infrastructure that will power it all. My current programming languages I dabble in is JavaScript/ES6 (intermediate), Elixir (intermediate, <3 functional lang), Ruby (intermediate), and Crystal (still trying out).

If I was 100% honest; I would love to be one of the first humans to colonize Mars when the opportunity presents itself. (Elon, I hope you're listening!)

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    Hmm... maybe I should write a little more. (Coming Soon)

Active Projects

Why such a short list?

Pinellas County, FL - 911 Activity

Purpose: This project focuses on refreshing an old county provided user interface into something that works on mobile browsers and looks more modern.
Technology (under the hood):
  • MongoDB - Of course a NoSQL document storage engine. (PostgreSQL is my go-to but I was experimenting in the beginning).
  • Elixir - The main worker that pulls XML data from the county website, parses, saves to the MongoDB and then pushes it to Pusher/Pushover.
  • Node.js - Used primarily to build the site; However, the API which gives message history to the site is a simple Express.js API. (
  • Vue.js; Vuex;; Webpack - Frontend framework(s) that make frontend work possible.
  • - Flexible pub/sub messaging system that keeps everything in real-time sync.
  • Pushover - Alerts me of structure fires, and other high level incidents.